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6th Grade Essential Task # 1: Cylinder

Our first Essential Task is upon us already as we enter the midpoint of our first full week of school. Our focus this class, and a part of next class will be on creating the form we know as the cylinder. During the introduction of this lesson our class will discuss the artist Andy Warhol and his involvement in the Pop Art style of Art 1950-1960’s. In our discussion of Andy Warhol we will view: Campbell’s Soup Cans, Marilyn Monroe, and some of his Self Portraits. We also talk about the importance of the Elements of Art and how they apply to every piece of artwork there is. Specifically in our cylinder project the following elements are used:

  • line – to draw the contour of the cylinder
  • color– create an eye catching color scheme
  • shape – ellipse, rectangle
  • value – using a dark and light value for our colors
  • form – the way we color (left-to-right) helps curve the cylinder and give the illusion of a third dimension
  • space – by adding a horizon line we make the cylinder appear to be on a surface and also create a background
    this helps in achieving the element space

In researching Andy Warhol I luckily discovered this fun Warhol D.I.Y. Pop Art app that you lets you create a Pop Art style photo from your Iphone, Ipod touch or even Ipad. I wish all my 6th grader’s good luck on this assignment and remember that your artwork could be on display so make sure it is truly the best work that YOU can do!

Need Cylinder Help – check out these links


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