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Cropped Photograph Unit

Over the course of the next several classes our 8th grade class will be focusing on creating a painting using the grid method of enlargement. This unit will start off focusing on Artists such as Chuck Close,  and Albrecht Durer and many others. Students will first start off by choosing a 2″ square section from a magazine that only captures part of an image, think abstract shapes, yet contains three or more art elements (Form, Value, Shape, Line, Texture, Space, Color). We will then make a grid over this photo that will help us to enlarge this drawing by 6 x’s.
The second part of the project will require the students to practice tinting and shading colors using the painting worksheet. Lastly the students will paint in their enlarged drawing using colors that accurately match their cropped photo.
Key Concepts:
  • observation
  • brush control (correctly using an applying paint)
  • color theory (mixing colors to accurately create new colors)
  • measuring (to accurately create a grid)
New York State Standards
  • 1: Creating in the Arts  (Commencement): make art that explores different  subject matter and themes
  • 2: Using Art Materials and Resources (Intermediate): develop skills using a variety of materials and competence in at least one medium
  • 3: Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art ( Elementary): describe purposes, meanings and sources of art)
Here is a great video of Chuck Close: Photo/Super Realist painter who used grids to create his larger than life paintings:

Additional resources for using a grid:

Enjoy the Unit and as always make sure to put 110% effort into all that you do.
“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
 – Thomas Merton (American and Trappist Monk)

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