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Keith Haring Motif Project

This week our 6th grade art class will be focusing on the fun characters of Keith Haring and start integrating them into their motifs. I am excited to see some one of a kind characters and interesting patterns being incorporated into this years project.   These figures that Haring created are simple, expressive and just plain fun! In creating their motif’s students will observe some of Haring’s characters in trying to make their own one of kind figure. Once their figure is created they then will place their figure in a sea of shapes that they create and the finished result will resemble puzzle pieces. Then, students will be given a choice of color schemes: warm, cool, analogous, complementary or triadic in which their motif will be colored. Lastly, we will trace their motif drawing onto final paper 9″x9″ twice, rotating their design 180 degrees thus creating a reflected image. Have fun and as always be creative!

*Remember to always ask questions if unsure of what to do next rather than make a mistake that wastes time.

Keith Haring New York City Mural Project

Elements & Principles used:

  • Line
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Value
  • Pattern
  • Balance
  • Composition

Skills Used:

  • drawing consistent line quality
  • smooth coloring
  • rotating images and shapes
  • balancing a composition

Some helpful sites:


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