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Art Project by Google

If you had not known already, Mr. Blais loves technology and especially enjoys combining technology and Art. Well, over the summer I discovered this cool project that Google has created The Art Project by Google.

This site is the perfect combination of technology and Art. Basically Google went to some of the world’s most famous museum’s Van Gogh Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Tate Museum and many more. While they were there they took their street view camera and took 360 degree photographs as they walked through the museum. They then also selected some of the more infamous pieces of art and took high resolution photographs of them so you could look at the paintings as if you where right in front of them.

Check out this video here of how they made Art Project by Google:

Now that I have told you a little bit about the Art Project by Google. I would like the following grades to go and explore the following Museums and then in the comments section of this post tell me what your favorite artwork was by giving me the artwork title, date , medium (what they used to make the artwork) and why you like it. You will be given 10 extra credit points for completing this extra assignment.

  • 6th Grade: MOMA – Check out some of Cezanne’s Landscapes
  • 7th Grade: Tate Museum  – Check out Turner’s Landscapes
  • 8th Grade: Museum Kamp – Check out the abstract artwork
You also might be interested in knowing that Mr. Blais’ favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. I particularly like Van Gogh’s thick application of paint and how you see every stroke of paint he applied to the canvas.  If I had to choose a piece of art for this project I would choose Gaugin’s Chair. I love how the chair hints at who might of sat there and what they have been doing. I also love the candle light making the room possessing a beautiful glow.

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  1. Jacky Wang

    Mr. Blais I love the Battle of Camperdown painting by Phillip James De Loutherbourg, with the painting style oil on canvas. I like how it makes me feel like I was there at the battle. Also how he very describly draws the ships and men. The way the men are on what looks like a sunken which is cool. The background also looks great. He shows what looks like smoke.

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