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Homage to TekstArtist

TekstArtist. If you have not heard of him yet you probably will, I think he is going to be huge. In order to understand his style of Art you must familiarize yourself with his inspirations:

Kinetic Typography: think moving letters (see video)

Prior to watching this video I had now idea on what Kinetic Art was, how to create it or even its origins. Now that I have viewed this and many other similar videos I understand. Kinetic Art is manipulating and animating text in a way so that it tells a story, a no pictures sort of approach to a movie. If you are interested in trying to create your own Kinetic Typography see this Tutorial.

Another inspiration for TekstArtist stems from his interest in Grafitti. Now I know most of you think of images like this when I mention Grafitti:

The type of graffiti Tekst has been inspired by is more of a larger than life type, think 2 or more stories tall.

Like this one here: Love Letter by Aryz

Here is a great video of Aryz and other similarly styled artists working on a Mural in a Time-Lapse Video:


Now that you have a good idea about what inspires Tekst lets talk about his style. Tekst finds inspiration all around him, speeches, songs and he uses these words and manipulates the letters in such a way that they no longer appear as letters rather shapes.  Here are some great tips Tekst gave me in a recent email:

“- If I pull inspiration from somewhere I link to it online and give proper credit. Creative Commons is a beautiful thing. 
– I film nearly every second of the creation of each piece. 
– I use iMovie to edit everything.
– Practice, practice, practice.”
Final tips to students who want to emulate this style-
– Think of the letters as simple boxy shapes more than letters. 
– Allow your self to break a few “rules” on each piece. Letters don’t need to look like letters, let them fill space. 
– Don’t be afraid to make some lines extra fat, extra long, extra curvy, etc.
– Try something new in every piece- do things you think might look good, things you think might not. You never know what might look good when finished.”
So there you have it advice from the source TekstArtist. I find this recent connection to a contemporary artist wonderful and it motivates me to seek out other artists and create this infinite circle of inspiration. Or as a teacher that Tekst had once said “Inspire Others to Inspire Others” .  So lets see some creativity, with this new found inspiration of text as an art style, what can you create using only letters, remember there are no limits to the minds creativity.
I’ll leave you with one of my favorite videos by Tekst that he created for his wife: Hey Alli
11-29-11 UPDATE!!: TEkstArtist is now selling his artwork one piece for every day of 2012 starting at $1 on January 1st 2012 and going up to $366 on December 31st, 2012. See his new site! You can also commission a custom piece too!


  1. Billy Difulvio

    What a great artist these people are….I love there style of art it my most favorite.

    I will give you my schedule tomorrow Wednesday 11/29/1. If for some reason you are not there i will put it in your mail box or leave it on your desk.

    Thank you,

    Billy DiFulvio

    • I know simply amazing the unique styles of art that people create and its equally cool that they share it with the world.

      • Billy Difulvio

        I know, since now that they are selling there art work…i mean i cant believe what that guy is doing…..he is so amazing of what he came up with…..even there website amazes me!!!

  2. rachel treers

    This was a great project! Although it took me a few hours, the finished tekst art wave I made was pretty good. But its amazing that the tekst artist can do his artwork so well and in so little time on a huge canvas.

  3. Zachary Gandrow

    I had a hard time with the Tekst art project,my favorite piece of Tekst art is probably the coca-cola picture. I loved watching him do all of his creations.

  4. Ryan Reinke

    the shop vac video is awesome!

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