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The internet, now more than ever a place to just check email, but also an incredible playground to be creative and show off your artistic skills. It seems everyday that I open up Google Chrome and browse the Chrome Webstore that there are several more drawing, painting or photo editing applications available to showcase your talents. With so many applications available I thought I might help you sift out some of the more innovative and creative apps.   I think its important to break up the Art apps into three categories to further assist you in finding the app that best suits your creative needs : Drawing/painting, Photo Editing, 3 Dimensional.


For the  first category of apps Drawing/Painting I chose some of the more popular apps that I use regularly.  The first is  Harmony, this application is super clean user interface and takes all the menus away leaving you with just a drop down to select your brush types  (Sketchy,Shaded, Chrome, Long Fur, Web, Simple,Square, Ribbon, and some unique fill type brushes Circles and Grid: which create a unique background for your artwork), there are also a couple of other menu options, save (saves your work in  a new tab/window as a .png file which you then right click to save as to your computer Note: you can rename the .png to .jp(e)g if you wish), lastly there is a clear menu button which clears EVERYTHING it is not an undo. I personally have used this app on Eno Board  which makes for great demonstrations.

See Demonstration here:

DeviantArt Muro is probably the most powerful Chrome Web Application that I have used to date it allows the use of layers, digital pens with pressure sensitivity like the Wacom Tablet. I would rate it as the Chrome App equivalent to Photoshop desktop version.  There are more than 20 brushes to satisfy even the most talented and creative artists.

See demonstration here:

Sketchpad is yet another unique drawing application that allows for the use of cool stamps, texure and light manipulation. The focus of this product is speed art, allowing the user, the artist to create artwork that takes minimal time but which has high creativity. All work can be saved locally to your pc or a flash drive.

Photo Editing:

Psykopaint is probably the most unique photo editing application, web or dekstop that I have ever seen. The wow factor to this application is its ability to take any photograph from the web and allow you to recreate it in your own style. The process of psykopaint grabs the photograph and allows the user to “brush the canvas, your screen”  using one of their many brush styles which samples the colors from the original photograph and allows you the artist to recreate the photograph as you see fit. To fully understand the potential of this product you must check out the video. Lastly for those of you hooked on Facebook this application has tight integration with the most popular social network which is definitely a plus.

Check out the video:

Pixlr is an awesome full power web based photo editor and manipulator. The photo editor has all the features you would expect and more: including: red eye, cropping, color balance, color curve, saturation and more. Lastly the highlight of this product is that it allows you to import and use .psd (Photoshop document) so if you do not have access to Photoshop but need to edit a photo this application will be your new best friend.

Aviary also has several photo editors in the Chrome Store, first Feather which allows the user to apply many filters to your photographs and also allows you to have some fun with your photos through use of captions and speech bubbles.  The app claims to be the easiest of the chrome apps to edit photographs, so if simplicity and ease of use is how you roll definitely check this one out. Another Aviary Chrome App is called Aviary Vector Editor. This app is for anyone looking to create logos, t-shirt designs etc. This app supports layering of vectors and has all the necessary tools  you will need for creating that eye catching logo.


3D Tin Think of Blenderfor the web. You can create full three dimensional models in the following formats STL, OBJ and Collada. The highlight of the app is the ability to save to the cloud and also its ease of use. You do not need much if any experience it makes creating 3D  objects a breeze.

Check out the video:

I know that I have merely scratched the surface on the amount of Art apps available on the Chrome App Store, so if I have any other’s please feel free to share.  What do you think the best art/creative app is on the Chrome App Store?

Make your opinion count Vote on your Favorite Chrome Art App here:


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