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Watercolor Painting

One of my favorite projects is sadly coming to an end as my 7th graders put their finishing touches on their Animal Paintings project. We have been building up to this project for several weeks. We first started by practicing drawing objects, still life’s etc. in helping us to understand form, shape and how to use contour lines. Then we moved on to watercolor where we practices various ways to hold the brush and also learned some cool painting techniques. Presently, the Animals are drawn we also added a 1″ border around the edge of their drawing. We will use this space to put some unique linear patterns that reflect the patterns that our animal possess. Lastly we will paint in our animal through using mixed colors and also the process of layering to achieve the most accurate colors to match the animal photograph.

I cannot wait to show you are finished projects! So please check back soon for a slideshow of our latest finished works.

My source of inspiration for this lesson comes from the artist Dylan Pierce, a watercolor prodigy who started painting at a very young age. His focus is primarily on Animals and People both which he has mastered.

Dylan Pierce

Lastly Here are a couple of my water color tutorials to help my students practice their techniques



  1. Great project for everyone interested in art to learn especially young minds. Nice job and thanks for teaching.

    • Thanks. in these uphill battles of education it means a lot to hear the thanks.

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