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Trash or Treasure

Let’s trash talk for a moment.. like: cardboard tubes from used paper towels, soup cans, egg cartons or plastic lettuce containers etc . Oh that’s not what you had in mind on trash talking but trash seems to be on my mind almost daily.

The reason for my new found obsession with trash comes down to money or the lack of it. With schools being forced to tighten their fiscal belts and teachers like myself are being forced to be even mote creative within our means. So rather than see the lack if money as an obstacle I see it as an opportunity. This opportunity presents itself every time I finish a can of soup or read the newspaper . I look at these objects and think what can I turn this trash into how can I reuse it in a way that is creative to teach and fun to make?

Now being creative with trash does jot limit one to just making artwork. I also love to use various containers for storing the many small beads and other unique art materials too.So if you ever find yourself struggling for ideas in the classroom look to products that would normally see the trash bag and let them see the world in a new light. The light if day in your classroom or office being re-purposed as art that is.

Let me leave you with a few great resources to spark your creativity with this new found medium. The following sites have helped me enjoy trash and I hope they give you much success too..

The question now is up to you.. what do you see when you look at your trash?

I want to create this for my class.. so cool
Image Credit: Duitang

Check out these cool sculptures made from old car parts



  1. Thats cool. I like the “statue” made with all the left over supplies.

  2. Alex Ramos-Montanez

    Pretty cool, I think you make some good points. It’s really creative too, I’m about to check out the sites.

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