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Doodle Time

Its finally here, the annual Doodle for Google competition! I feel this contest truly draws upon the inner most creative bits of every artist to see what they can truly do with their wonderful imagination. The part I love about the contest is how open ended the parameters are like for example this years theme:

If I could travel in time I’d visit....”

Every year Google has expanded the competition pool, this year the only limits to the contestant pool, are must be a US resident, cannot be an adult, and no three-dimensional work.  With that in mind, last year there were well over 100,000 entrants. I tell my students, not to feel anxious about the quantity of entries as a seven year old won the competition last year, Matteo Lopez  with his creative space theme. So this means you do not have the most technical, drawing, yet you want to just let your creativity flow and not be restricted to just the logo create an environment around the logo too.

Matteo Lopez with his winning Doodle

So if you need some inspiration or ideas to spur along your creativity check out this page of last years finalists.

Here is a little taste of what it is like to be a Doodle for Google Finalist


Lastly here is a sample of Draper Middle School’s entries:

Good Luck to this year’s entrants and remember to stop by Room 117 if you need any advice or materials!



  1. Kaitlynn Decker

    Wow! I loved last years entries for doodle for Google. The themes were amazing! Each and every person really used their talents and you can tell their personality just by looking at it. Great job guys!

  2. Zachary Gandrow

    I can’t believe how creative people can gt with art! I wish I can be on google every day.

  3. Kaitlynn Decker

    These art pieces are just simply amazing! I wish that I had an artistic touch. Those projects are amazing and great to look at.

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