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TEKSTartist Swag


So psyched to get some TEKSTartist merchandise in the mail today. In the package several brand spanking new Tekst hats, one is signed :), and a sweet box of business cards. The business cards, each of them have a different TEKSTartist piece proudly displayed, smart marketing if you ask me. Not only is Tekst a great and unique artist he is also very reachable and real. He responds to emails and answers every question I have ever asked of him in learning his style of art. Tekst even emailed a seventh grade student if mine who wanted him to check out his artwork.

I cannot say enough good things about Tekst. He has inspired my teaching students and virtually anyone I talk to about him. Check him out






  1. Thats awesome! Nice merchandise! Not that cheap crap that alot of people put out today.


    • Yeah.. totally psyched to have all the merchandise.. when we get back to school I will have a contest to see who gets some of the tekst hats..

  2. Zachary Gandrow

    The Tekst art is really cool! It seems really cool how to do that with letters.

  3. Tekst art was so fun! I love how it all comes together in the end to create a picture!

  4. Ryan Reinke

    Tekst art is really cool you can make what ever you want and those hats look awesome

  5. Dominick g

    Tekst art is really cool. I like how all of the letters fit into the shape or other things.

  6. Dominick g

    NiCe hat too

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