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In an effort to bring students observations skills up to par along with their life drawing skills our next unit focuses is Macro Drawings. Our first project was inspired by Ken Veith a master Art teacher and extremely creative and gifted educator. This project involves two parts, part one:  observing an individual piece of popped popcorn and creating a contour line drawing and value rendering of the popcorn. The second part of the project requires the students to tap into the creative part of their brain and see what they can turn the popcorn into i.e.; my popcorn looks like an octopus or dragon. Once the students see something beyond what their piece of popcorn looks like they will then create a new drawing which they will then add color and more value and various textures.  Lastly to help tie things in with the newly enforced Common Core standards I had my students write something about their creative drawing it could be a : poem, short story,haiku or even a theme song.  Check out the work below to get a better idea of the project :).

Here is the photograph of my popcorn:

Here is my contour line drawing of the popcorn:

Here is what I created from the popcorn

Here are a couple of my favorite student samples so far (2/4 classes finished this project)

Student Sample #1



Creative Drawing







Original contour/value drawing



I had to include Student #’s writing portion of the assignment it was Hilarious!



Student Sample # 2














I will post a slideshow of more work as the finish up this assignment. I must say it was quite fun teaching it as well as seeing the artwork and stories that student’s created I really felt they let loose on this assignment.


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