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Recycled Butterfly Project

After having received a plethora of recycled products especially cardboard tubes I decided to start using some for projects. For today’s lesson our class made a butterfly, since its now officially spring and we need to get some bright colors in our classroom.


      1. Use a Cardboard Tube (this one is from a paper Towel)
    * you can trim to size though
2. Paint the Tube Black (or any other color you would like)
3. While you wait for the paint to dry draw four wing sections (two-pictured)


4. Once paint dries use exacto knife to cut 4 slits on the tube
* so you can slide 2 popsicle sticks through  (see Step 5)


5. Insert two large Popsicle sticks
*they will support the wings


Examples of available colors


6. Paint inside of wings (use your favorite color)

7. Not shown paint outside of wings a contrasting color and
add details (spots decorative)


8. Place Double sided tape on Popsicle sticks (all of them)


9. Attach wings to taped Popsicle sticks


10. Repeat attaching wings to back side of Popsicle sticks too


11. Choose a a pipe cleaner to compliment your butterfly

12. Step not show- hole punch two holes on top of tube for pipe cleaner
and string pipe cleaner through those holes
(I braided two colors together to match my wings)


13. Optional- hole punch bottom of tube  string pipe cleaner through hole
curl for added fun!

This project I can see modifying down the road, adding other elements I may not have thought of on this first run through. I also thought about using colored cellophane, (more expensive). If you have any other recommendations I would love to hear them. Check back soon for more spring projects.

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