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Go Beyond Your Limits

30 minutes before my 31 mile race

Limits..we all set them upon ourselves.. sometimes before we have even completed a task. Here is a great example: one day you probably witnessed something so amazing that you were in awe, but than said to yourself “man I could never do something like that!”  Why is it that you would doubt yourself before you even tried something new or challenging? Are you scared? Do you doubt yourself? Or more common have you tried something once and failed and said “I’m NEVER going to do that again?” Well I too have doubted myself, but soon realized that if I doubt what I can do I’ll never get anything accomplished. So I made a pack to myself one in which I will dedicate all my effort towards success, completion of any goal I create.

A little background on me. I love to run, always have always will until my legs stop moving on their own. Since I was little I loved to run.. my mom tells me that I outran her at 3 years old :). In high school I competed in 400m, 800m and 1600m. In college I ran for a couple of years than decided I did not like how the program was run so I started training on my own for bigger things like: 8 mile run up Whiteface Mountain, Marathon, triathalons and many more events. When I completed my first marathon I said to myself if I can dedicate myself to completing this race what else can I dedicate myself to and be successful in? I never let myself lose sight of the goal I trained for 4 months through snow and rain in order to complete the marathon and as hard as it was I never gave up.

More recently, this past Saturday I had set an even larger goal.. to run an Ultra Marathon (50k/31 miles). I had my

doubts sure.. as this race would require me to run for at least 5 hours total. Well all my training paid off I paced myself and finished with a kick, and my wife ran the last 3.7 miles with me making this race a tremendous victory and marking it as the longest I have ever run in my life!

Me at the 50k finish!!

So, the next time you start doubting yourself think about how I look at a goal, I set my sights on completing and stay focused the whole way through. One last important item.. make sure to enjoy each step along the way towards your goal as it makes completing even more amazing. Stay focused, dedicated to all your goals and NEVER let anyone tell you that you cannot do something!

Here’s a a trailer of the Can50 the Ultra marathon that I ran.

UPDATE:  Just discovered another shining example of going beyond the limits with Army’s Master Sgt Mike Morton who recently set the record for them most miles run with 24 hours at 172 miles, in Katowice Poland. The record was owned by Born to Run Ultra marathoner Scott Jurek 165.7 in 2010.  Just another great example of how we can push further than ever as long as we believe in ourselves! So go out there and set some records!


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