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Happy Birthday Bob Ross

Bob Ross.. a painter a legend and a smooth talker. If you were born in the 70’s or earlier you probably grew up on Bob Ross’s painting shows listening to his velvety smooth voice explain how simple it was to create absolutely stunning paintings. He did more than teach you how to paint he created a reputable brand and also built up your confidence by saying ” there are no mistakes only happy accidents” or something of the like. I believe he was ahead of his time by making these incredible tutorials and making Art, specifically painting incredibly fun no matter what the ability level.

So if you live on the East Coast and are stuck inside preparing for this Frankenstorm (Hurricane meets Nor’Easter) and have a smartphone time to pull up some Bob Ross videos and relax and learn some cool painting techniques. I challenge you to try and find a video where talks about a family of squirrels living in a tree. Now, sit back relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of legendary painter Bob Ross:

Here are some of his painting supplies/books that he marketed:

I leave you with one of Bob’s infamous quotes:

“All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.”

-Bob Ross


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