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I love teaching Art and have found many “tricks” that make teaching that much more enjoyable. The first trick is behavior management. I despise yelling.. so I now use a Google Chrome web app called “timer” and when I am waiting for the students to stop talking so I can teach I start the timer and it is projected on the screen. When the students stop talking  I stop the timer, the time recorded represents the time students have to stay after. Students see the stopwatch numbers increasing and they start hushing each other.. its priceless to watch happen.

Planning is an art form in itself, considering the amount of time we are allowed and what we need to accomplish within those parameters. In consideration of these time limits I discovered some great time savers and tools that help me focus and work super efficient. The first of my tricks is using a news reader like Pulse, Flipboard or Google Reader. The purpose of these readers is to pull all the latest posts in from all of your favorite sites , I have tons, and place them in one spot thus eliminating the need to constantly check the ever growing lists of favorite sites we have. 

Another set of web tools that make teaching Art more fun are Social Sites (WordPress, Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest, YouTube, etc.). Facebook I have found a great way to connect with students, note: be careful when using this tool as your school administration may have not found a way to safely utilize such a strong social platform. How I use Facebook is to create a fan page, this way when you post pictures, links they look like they are posted by the fan page not your personal Facebook Profile :). see mine here Amazing Art at Draper. Twitter (@BlaisMSArt)has strength in its simplicity I utilize this service by posting a link from an Art related article I read (Huffington Post Art) is another great resource) or a picture of a students Artwork. Pinterest is a great way to share examples of styles of art that you are trying to reinforce and you can create a Board on a topic like Linear Perspective and students see real-life examples of important concepts. Lastly You Tube I use to host the many Art Tutorials that I have created over the years covering Linear Perspective, Observational Drawing and Watercolor just to name a few.   

I’ll end on my favorite sites to check daily is a wonderful source for up incoming Artist who students may be more interested in just because their alive. No seriously.. you will never believe how many times last year when I talked about an Artist at least 3 students would ask “is this artist alive?”. That statement was enough to make me think outside the box and discover new artist that can inspire students, and me as a teacher to draft new lessons. The site I am describing is called Artist A Day.

I hope that my tips will help you too in becoming an efficient and current Art Teacher and enjoy creating some new inspiring lessons. If you have a favorite “trick” that has helped you become the best Art Teacher that you could be please share. Have a wonderful weekend.  One more thing two great Power Point Alternative sites (I despise Power Point) 😦 : Prezi & Sliderocket.. anything flashy helps gets students engaged in what your teaching.


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