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Our latest lesson for 7th grade will involve two very important items that everyone owns, your eyes. These two precious multi-celled organs are the most important tool we have in creating Artwork, they help us  gather information that we then in turn helps us create amazing artwork of all types of varieties. An other essential skill that  besides observation that will help us create amazing drawings and paintings is called sighting. Here is a great video below explaining the concept of sighting.

As you just viewed this video you will see that sighting helps us to measure important angles of objects as well as size relationships and proportions of objects. Sighting will take some practice, but when paired with improved observation you will begin to notice that observational drawing, or drawing from life will gradually become easier for you. I would recommend choosing one object to start practicing with each week. With this object that you choose for your drawing try drawing it from all different angles, and draw lightly first as it allows you to easily erase any mistakes. Keep these drawings quick 5-10 minutes and constantly work on getting the object to not look leaning or stretched out. Try not to focus on the details (labels etc.) and just focus on the shape and form (3-D) aspects of the objects. You will get better, trust me. As your skills improve try adding more objects to challenge yourself and then you will have a chance to play around with various compositions.

This month our class will be practicing our new found skills of observation and sighting on our Jim Dine Tool Drawing Project. Jim Dine is an artist whom grew up surrounded by tools and thus paid close attention to their craftsmanship and purpose.  Here is the class Sliderocket Presentation on Dine, his biography and example artwork. For this lesson students will focus on creating a photo-realistic drawing of a tool, of their choice, and then add 5 or more values.

Class Sliderocket Presentation on Jim Dine:

Students working Hard

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