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In the advent of technology being integrated into every corner of the curriculum I am constantly trying to find new ways to utilize that will engage my students and let them have fun learning without them even knowing. The latest tech piece that I have added in my class room is a Polyvision Eno Board. This Board is incredible, in a variety of ways, one it is super durable ceramic coated stainless steel, you can draw on it with a dry erase marker (if someone draws on it with a Sharpie you can erase it using a dry erase marker ūüôā ). Secondly, it allows me to use ANY program with it as it is a an open source platform. So I can use Paint.Net or Harmony (A great Chrome Browser drawing app), or any other great free software. Lastly the “pens” that are used with the Eno pair with the PC via¬†Bluetooth¬†for simple wireless connecting. Ok enough tech talk.

ENo Advert

Bluetooth Pens & Eno Board Classic
Image Credit: Polyvision

Our Art 7 class made great use of the Bluetooth Pens/Eno Board and Microsoft Paint, during our TekstArtist Project. The goal of this section of the lesson was to teach, as TekstArtist recommended, students how to distort, stretch letters of the the alphabet in order to make them “fit” in spaces that we needed to fill. During the lesson every lesson student had a chance to warp various letters to the point of not being able to recognize the letter, which by the way is a good thing. ¬†I noticed the class in general enjoyed using the Eno pen/board and also enjoyed being creative in front of the class. Students began shouting out different ways that there classmates could distort and or showing them thus creating an engaged class who was excited to learn.

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I hope to continue this sort of energy and engagement in our Art Classroom though finding even more uses for the technologies that have been provided for me by our school at my request. I feel that students see the teachers using technology and want to try it out and this interest helps to make classrooms more student centered, which by the way is my ultimate goal, to have students in charge of the class and to make it their own. This type of approach to teaching where students are at the forefront allows not only the students to learn, but the teachers as well.

Here is one more piece of technology that I am integrating in to my classroom by Wacom It is called the Bamboo Create it utilizes both touch and pen technologies.. the potential for student involvement with this product is limitless. I will post soon on the projects that involve the Create.  What technology do you use in your Art/Classroom ? I would love to hear about it.

Wacom Bamboo

 Bamboo Create: Touch & Pen enabled drawing tablet

Check out the Eno Board in action where I used it to create a simple house with Google Sketchup


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