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New TED Book: Tell Them I Built This

What an inspirational book for both teachers and students alike. This makes me believe that I too could help foster a great project that focuses on improving the community and students interest in Art.

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Tell-Them-I-Built-ThisIn 2009, author Emily Pilloton moved to Bertie County, North Carolina — the poorest county in the state with a population of just 20,000. There she and her partner Matthew Miller launched Studio H, a design and build program meant to engage the creativity of high school students while bringing design innovation to the area. Pilloton told the story at TED Global 2010 in the talk, “Teaching design for change.” In the new TED Book, Tell Them I Built This: Transforming Schools, Communities, and Lives with Design-Based Education, Pilloton expands greatly on the experience, digging more into the who, what and where.

Through the eyes of her students, Pilloton tells the story of the group’s hopes, failures and triumphs. According to Pilloton, we can dramatically revamp vocational education and build the change we wish to see in the world. And she should know: ultimately her students…

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