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Tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary

We at Draper Middle school were devastated by the act of violence that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary Students on December 14th and wanted to do something to help lift up their spirits. Students and myself spent an entire class discussing what power symbols and colors have during these tragic times. Some of the symbols that came up where, candles, hearts and angel wings. This lead us to create a piece (still in progress pictures to come soon *January 4th), involving candles, hearts, names and angel wings. Note that this idea although generated by me has now been taken over by the students who are driven to finish this project as soon as they come back from Christmas Break.

So in the meantime students wanted to make sure that I shared with you all the work in progress and the passion the students have towards Sandy Hook Elementary. Please share this as I want to spread Acts of Kindness to help washout all the evil has been taking place.

Enjoy the Slideshow of our work in progress and check back soon for a finished Artwork. We are also working on snowflakes for Sandy Hook which has become quite the viral trend in the best of ways.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are also collecting Art Supplies which will be donated to the Sandy Hook School to help them express their feeling through art, in an Art Therapy type of way.


Lastly I was touched today as I realized Scotia High School students also felt motivated to do something for the fallen angles of Sandy Hook Elementary. They  created a display made up of 26 Christmas Trees with ornaments and each tree represented one person whom lost their life at Sandy Hook.. Lets all try to do one Random Act of Kindness and make it go viral. I also want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas enjoy time with you and your family this Holiday Season.



  1. Janice Brown ‏@jboogiebrown2
    Hi Steve, I saw your Tweet about the tribute your students are working on. Almost everyone in my family is, or was a teacher, principal, or administrator. I am the “Black sheep”. I prefer to create art & music, as a means of communicating thoughts and feelings. Tell your kids “Bravo!” for me. It’s too bad that children have to grow up so fast, after a tragedy, like Sandy Hook but God left us here to carry on and so we shall. Maybe my own tribute can further inspire them to keep reaching out with #26acts. God Bless you and your students. #SandyHookForever Take a minute to remember Sandy Hook families. Tell a friend to do the same & tell another. #SandyHookForever. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Janice. I will definitely tell my students bravo. I will also tell them to continue the #26acts of Kindness as a way to filter out all of the violence in the world.

      • Peace & Season’s Greeting, to all! We will not forget! #26acts

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