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Happy 2013. I hope that everyone has had a great Holiday season with friends and family. I know that I thoroughly enjoy the Holidays due to the fact that I focus on my kids not myself. Pure Joy is the best way I can describe the expression on my children’s faces when they open a present, then play with it for hours..not even realizing that they have more gifts to open. This type of joy is what try to express through my passion for technology and education.

This year 2013, I am not making an resolutions, rather I want to continue what I have started, integrating technology into my classroom. I am constantly striving to use technology for many reasons, but the most important reason is…to engage students in the classroom. I feel that in order to stay current you have to immerse yourself in technology, not just be aware of its presence. Students use technology everyday, more than most adults do I would imagine. In consideration of this technology wave that we are experiencing don’t be afraid of it rather embrace it, ask kids what they use technology for, find out what makes it fun, whats the purpose.

I know we are already a few days into 2013, but I am going to attempt to get some students on board with a 365 photo project. I know many students use Instagram but I want to teach them how to use the best social photo app even better. I want them to use it in a way to document their lives and share with others their daily adventures.. If you have ever used a 365 photo project with your class and would like to share your ideas please feel free to post ideas below. Happy New Year


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