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Grover made my day (Video)

Grover and Linear Perspective, who would think that the two would ever be mentioned in the same sentence? Well, I guess I can thank my children for the idea to use Grover for my 7th grade Perspective Unit Introduction. As a dad I am constantly exposed to children’s shows, like Curious George, Cat in the Hat (which is so informative 🙂 )on a weekly basis. Having this knowledge of cartoon characters lead me to believe that if I simplify the idea of concept, like educational cartoon shows do I will grasp the students attention and they WILL remember. This idea is working.. the students are engaged in Grover.. and getting the basic idea of perspective.. via “Near & Far” Grover. This video reinforces the principal of items being reduced in size as they get farther away thus helping us to achieve a three-dimensional space that we live in. Students were laughing during the video.. especially as I asked over and over again.. do you get what Grover’s doing. Then the entire class explained to me.. we do.. things get smaller when they move further away and larger as they become closer to the viewer.

Now.. for an encore to this lesson.. what cartoon character should I use next? Any suggestion..

Here is the Presentation in its entirety (please feel free to use it and modify as you see fit)

Linear Perspective Introduction 7th Grade


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