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Obstacles can motivate you

We all struggle with obstacles during our lifetime. Our reaction to these obstacles will make you an inspiring individual or if you let them overcome you will punish you throughout your life. Phil Hansen’s obstacle was a shaky hand. He first let the obstacle steer the direction of his life. Now, he embraces it and has discovered and created art more amazing than he could have ever dreamed. What obstacles do you face in your life? How have you reacted to obstacles in you life? Do you hit them head on.. or do you let them push you around? Watch this video and let Phil Hansen motivate you to overcome adversity and milk your life for all of its worth. Be inspired..

Here is the original Ted Talk article on Phil Hansen
(BTW Ted Talks are always a great source of inspiration and motivating individuals)

“Spirit has fifty times the strength and staying-power of brawn and muscle” Mark Twain


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