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Good morning, afternoon and evening! I feel like its been too long since I put up a post, but such is life and I have been busy starting up a potential photography business and working on my house. Speaking of businesses, the purpose of this post is to inspire you to follow your dreams do what you love and most of all never let anyone tell you that you will not succeed. I believe in this motto as it has been my own throughout my entire life. I have been told.. NO Way you can do that so many times.. that I have just become numb to the words. I live my life filled with passion.. to do what I love and to help inspire.. that’s why I teach. Just remember.. teacher’s are not the only ones who inspire in the world of education.. the students also play a HUGE role.

Yesterday while walking around my class and assisting students with our watercolor animal project, one of my favorite assignments by the way, I discovered I had an entrepreneur in my room.  Here name is Isabella Serafini, she is a passionate Art Student, self motivated, soft spoken, and just plain smart. As I was walking past her desk I saw her Duct Tape Art, she had made some famous cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse out of various colored Duct Tape. I was amazed at this level of intricacy and careful exacto knife wielding skills that she possessed. Once I commented on her art another student informed me that she has her own business.. and within seconds I had a business card which said “Duct Tape Art”  made from the infamous business card Vista Print. So I checked out the web address and went to I was extremely impressed and the level of professionalism that was taken into account at the design of this site not to mention the marketing. Izzy has so much to offer from pre-made wallets to custom designed artwork. Definitely go check out her site.

Lastly, a colleague of mine shared this video of a young boy Caine who made good use of the cardboard at his father’s auto parts shop and created his own cardboard arcade.. which was made infamously popular by having only one customer then.. going viral..  So enjoy the video and remember.. set your goals even higher than the stars and believe in yourself.!


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