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My name is Steve Blais and I have been an Art Teacher at Draper Middle School  for 8 years, now entering my 9th. I have taught grades 6th-8th, B.O.C.E.S Art Classes, FSI Skills Art and Computer Literacy. In our art curriculum here at DMS I have covered a variety of Units including: Linear Perspective, (1,2& 3 Point), Life Drawing (still-life, value, drawing from observation), Watercolor Painting, Color Theory (mixing, application, color wheel etc), various sculpture lessons (using clay, cardboard, wire), seasonal themes. On the computer side of my instruction I have taught, Microsoft Office Suite (’03 & ’07), Google Sketchup, Paint.Net, SlideRocket, Prezi, Animoto, Mixbook , Fotoflexer, Picnik and many more.

I also have created many digital ways for students and parents to connect to the classroom, from this blog, Youtube, Twitter, Itunes Podcast . I feel that putting lessons and ideas where kids are, the internet, Ipod’s etc I can better connect to students and help create a highly active and engaged classroom environment.  I look forward to communicating with parents, colleagues and students alike. Lets work together  to get these creative juices flowing.



  1. Billy Difulvio

    Hey Mr.Blais its me Billy DiFulvio and I was wondering if you can please put up some Google sheets so we can draw our creations on it because i cant find it on Doodle 4 Google….. Thank you and have a great day!

  2. Billy,

    Here is the information you need. remember this link is for 2011 entry, but you can still use the Doodle for Google Templates. I cannot wait to see your finished Doodle

    here is the information you are looking for

    • Billy Difulvio

      ok thank you i will have the best drawing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Billy Difulvio

      hi Mr.Blais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. emma sharer

    hi mr. blais its emma sharer i had fun drawing and coloring the pictures

    • Glad to hear that you liked them. I always think of coloring as such a relaxing form of art.

  4. Connor Weatherwax

    hey mr.blais its connor weatherwax i liked the post you did about rainbow eyesit was cool. i’ll try to imrpove my art work with this.

    • Erin Dunleavy

      I loved all the different colors in it. it was really interesting and fasinating.

  5. Erin Dunleavy

    Tekst Art is so cool. I draw all different shapes whenever i’m bored. It really entertains me. I can’t wait to see what other fun art projects there are for quarter 2. Art is my favorite subject!

    • Erin Dunleavy

      Did I spell Tekst Art right??????

      • Yes you did. Thanks for asking

  6. Hi Steve! Thought you might enjoy tis video if you haven’t seen it yet. Tried to send it to you via email but couldn’t find your email address. Your readers will love it too.

  7. cameron huba

    Hi Mr.Blais, It’s cameron h. I really enjoyed drawing the popcorn. It taught me alot about life drawing. Thanks for the help!

  8. I like how you post youtube videos of your drawings so if you forget what to do when you are at home you can look at those!

  9. samingersoll13

    wow that painting is really cool! I like how he does it so quickly on stage with such great quality

  10. marissa corsaro

    hi mr blais i am in ur bd day class and period 8-9 and when ever i draw it always turns out wrong in some way can u plzzz help me 😦

  11. Brendan Dunleavy

    Hi mr Blais I like your blog

  12. Hey don’t mean to Barge in but I cant g into Remind101 or even sign up. It keeps kicking me out every time I try to sign up saying error wont load the page! >.< Please try to help me get a account with a different computer.

  13. all you need to do is either send an email to your class remind 101 or send a text message to your class text remind 101. I have the help sheet in class. You don’t need to be on the remind 101 site, that is for teachers 🙂

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