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Here you will find any necessary Art Handout’s for Mr. Blais’s Art Class . Please check back often as this page will be updated regularly. If you have any problems printing or viewing the documents please email Mr. Blais @

These are the Instructions for Remind 101 (read carefully)
Look for your class below and print out how to register for Remind 101
(example. Jane is in Art 7 Aday so she would print out the the instructions for Art7A.)


  1. Anthony Friello

    Hey. I think tekst art is really cool! I like how it looks and how they make it. It’s really intersting how they use words to make the picture.

  2. Anthony Friello

    I like the watercolor project we are doing right now. It is pretty fun.

  3. aubrie

    i like the reminder 101 it helps remind me what i need

    • Awesome Glad to hear!

  4. I love the room drawing we are doing right now! It is so fun to get creative with what you put in!

  5. marissa corsaro

    this is kinda very hard

    • I’d be happy to show you a few tricks to make this super easy stop by my room after school soon 🙂

  6. Emily

    This is reallly cool Mr.Blais!

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